A little bit of Awesome

I woke up this morning to the sun shining and nothing but motivation to prep for my oral exam that’s coming up on Friday. It was one of those mornings when you make coffee, sit in your comfy clothes, no one around, quiet and everything feels awesome. It felt like a summer morning when I go to the cabin and there are no responsibilities. It’s that feeling that you don’t have to do things, but you want to. There’s a book called “The book of Awesome” by Neil Pasricha where he shares little things in life that make you feel good. For example one of my favourites that he writes about is walking on freshly fallen snow, or filling your car with gas and the dollar amount ending perfectly on zero. So as I was sitting on my deck this morning I started to think of all the things I wanted to start implementing into my life. I find that I am most motivated in the spring and summer, with the weather changing and the sun giving off that “happy” vibe it feels natural. So some of my thoughts that I wanted to implement were things like:

  1. Instead of just focusing on getting into the shape I want to be in three months from now, and getting discouraged when I “cheat” or what not; focus on my day to day success and giving myself positive feedback and affirmation. I find that I do better and I’m more successful when I complete short term goals as well as long term goals.
  2. I want to take 2 mornings out of my week to be just for me. Making myself some coffee or tea, and sitting and reading, but the point is to enjoy the morning.
  3. I want to take a day to just spend with my family. My family overall does not do many family things. We don’t really go out. We are more of the Sunday night football type people. However there’s something about just being with them, even if we don’t do anything that I just love.

These are just a few things that I got really excited about, which may not excite you (obviously). There are other things that may spark your interest that you might want to implement in your life, even if it is just for a short time. The best part about that is, by doing these things it makes you feel good which helps with your emotional and spiritual health. In our lives we tend to be so consumed with work and school and we find that at the end of the week we are exhausted. Sure we might have had days off where we hung out with friends, but if that doesn’t rejuvenate you then you need to take something out of your life and fill it with something that will give you life. Even if that means just sitting at home and watching your favourite show (I do not recommend sitting all day watching TV because in the end that isn’t god for you either); but sometimes we just need “YOU” time!

One of the things I struggle with most is the mental aspect of health. I am more than capable in getting myself to the gym, or making myself a healthy meal. My biggest struggle comes from saying no the things I used to eat or used to do because that’s where I find comfort. I find comfort in familiar things. I find that it takes mind power to be able to say no. I always have to remind myself of what I am doing this for and why! Most of all my negative thoughts outweigh my positive, which is something I have to be aware of and work on. The more we take that step into being better and healthier the easier it will become. In the end we will be better off for pushing ourselves to be better. That’s why in my busy life I’ve decided to implement these simple things to help me enjoy the moments that I have for myself. To bring some peace and a little bit more awesome into each and every day!


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